Touch To Tune

LED Drivers are an emerging replacement market opportunity for distributors. As LED fixtures fall out of the warranty period, customers will begin to come to electrical distributors for replacement. Distributors want to be able to easily identify the driver needed, stock the most common driver and provide their installers with a quick solution.

Universal has been at the heart of many OEM luminaires for over a decade, so who best to figure out how to handle the emerging LED Driver replacement market.

Universal is pleased to offer a comprehensive way to tune replacement drivers that is quick and easy; just Touch to Tune

Universal’s Touch to Tune app utilizes Near-Field Communication (NFC) within the smart phone to communicate with the driver to send information between the devices. You are able to read and write (tune) from and to compatible EVERLINE PW or PWX drivers using a compatible Android* device.

Near Field Communication (NFC), is a short range wireless RFID communication technology. It means that two devices equipped with NFC technology are able to communicate with each other and share information as soon as they are close to one another.

Tuning is the adjustment of the output current of the LED driver which affects the lumen output and thermal performance of the luminaire. Tuning is performed on an LED replacement driver in order for the luminaire to perform as originally manufactured and match others in the same spaces.

*Android 7.0 and higher

Touch to tune instructions